Shipping policy

• The company will start counting the delivery period after the customer has completed the purchase of the product with full payment.

• Customers will receive a delivery notification email from the delivery staff by the phone number provided by the customer when making payment.

• The delivery time is approximately 2-10 business days, depending on the delivery area or type of dealer.

• Customers cannot change the shipping address. Once the product has been purchased.

• Free delivery service within the United States only. Delivery time depends on the situation at that time. By the company Will deliver as appropriate.

• Some products may take time to receive products from the manufacturer or distributor may result in products being stocked beyond the time limit.

• Delivery time is an estimate. It depends on the carrier excluding Saturday-Sunday and public holidays.

• Due to the shipping policy of each product is different. Customers can check the shipping policy before making a purchase. By reading the shipping policy details on each product detail page.

• Shipping will be done in order number. List of products ordered from the same order number May has different shipping policies Customers may not receive the products at the same time.

• The delivery period is according to company policy which does not include Saturday-Sunday Holiday And public holidays Delivery times may be delayed. Especially during festivals.

• The company reserves the right to ship products over the specified time limit. If an accident occurs.

• The company reserves the right to change any conditions without having to give advance notice.

• In case the customer wants to notify a change of delivery address will depend on the conditions of the carrier in which case of roaming charges may be incurred. Which the customer has to be responsible for additional costs.

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact us via email or Facebook Messenger from the bottom right button of the website.