All work that is on sale in our shop will be allowed to use in our work. Will have different usage, customers can choose before buying.

Standard license

Standard permission for customers who need clip art for personal use, or used in groups of friends that are not widely disclosed. Can be used for education.

Extended License

Extended license is perfect for customers who need to use clip art purchased from us to fully use your business, such as using the T-Shirt pattern, using it as a logo or mascot to indicate the identity of Your organization

UsageStandard licenseExtended license
Print shirts for personal use or gather with friends.
Cut and create your own crafts for decorating your room.
Used in studies such as assembling reports, bringing clip art
Do other activities with clip art that is purchased from us, regardless of profit.
Printed shirts for distribution in their own name.
Cut and create your own crafts for sale or auction.
Used as a logo or a sign of corporate identity.
Used as a print or social media advertisement.
Printed glass designs, book covers or other products can be yours.

If customers have additional questions regarding allowing an email to or